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In this article I show you guys a full beauty routine for a natural and stylish make-up look. Step by step I will take you through this look and you will see how easy it is to create a flawless, natural looking face and to feel beautiful by following these steps:

natural make-up look

Lately we have had quite some dinner parties, I just love ‘m! Actually I thing I love them even more than going out (am I getting that old? haha). If you go to a fancy restaurant you’d like to look classy right? This make up look is just perfect for such a night. No big eyeliner, no pink lipstick, just some soft tones.

1. I start with priming my face with this Catrice Prime and Fine primer (it’s soooo soft!). As you can see I even use the  primer on my eyelids for when we will be putting on some eyeshadow.

catrice primer primer

2. Another great friend of mine is Mr. Concealer, the Match Perfection from Rimmel has been my latest favorite. You can actually do a very long time with this tube. On the picture you can see every spot that I like to  conceal. Looks funny right, hihi!

rimmel concealer how to concealer

I kinda have a problem with puffy eyes. So I need to use something to correct them. My eyes tend to look a little purple and the solution for this is to find an “under-tone”.  Therefor I use the yellow FULL coverage from NYX and it’s bye bye purple circles & puffiness and hellooo bright eyes.

nyx yellow concealer

3. Then it’s time to set everything with powder (as you can see, I don’t do foundation…). I use this KIKO powder which I bought in Milano, it’s lovely! I use a powder brush from Primark. No kidding, this brush is my favorite.

kiko kiko powder pwder brush


4. Time for nice cheeks: blush! This e.l.f.palette (#30403) is kinda a rip-off from the NARS palettes, but it’s great. As you can see, I like to use it pretty much everyday. I’m not a huge fan of the included bronzer, it’s too dark for my skin… For apllication I’m also using an e.l.f. Kabuki brush.

elfelf palette  kabuki

5. Bronzing time! Bronzer always brightens up your face.I love to use the Refined Golden one  from MAC. The picture shows how I bring it on  with a stippling brush from e.l.f..

mac bronzer 2 mac bronzer bronzer

6. I like to use highlighter to shape my face. I actually use it on lots of spots as you can see on the picture : the nose bone; next to my eyes; underneath my eyebrows and on my chin.
I bought this Lightscapade highlighter together with the MAC bronzer. I haven’t regret buying them. They are perfect for shaping and they last a really looooong time.

mac skinfinish mac highlighter brush 2

7. Another must buy: the Bare Study paint pot from MAC. It’s a pretty solid shimmering base for your eyeshadow. I like to apply it on the middle of my eyelids, in a circular movement.

mac bare study mac paintpot eyeshadow base

8. Eyeshadow: the fun part. I’m a huge fan of the Urban Decay  Naked 2 palette, as I find it the best one of the 3 Naked palettes they have.
naked 2 palette


I start with using this light color: Bootycall. I apply it in the inner corner of my eyes. (up & down) I use the  short haired brush which is inculded with the palette.
naked 2 bootycall  eyeshadow app

Secondly I use Halfbaked on the rest of my eyelids. It’s a nice shimmery golden color.
naked 2 gold  eyeshadow 2

I finish with this dark brown color: Busted. I apply it in the crease of my eyes and use the other side of the brush for blending.
naked 2  eyeshadow



9. Mascara! This doesn’t need to much explication I guess :). My all time favorite: The Helena Rubinstein – Lash Queen Sexy Black mascara. Not only the packaging but also the the mascara itself is wonderfull.

helena rubinstein

10. Finishing off:

– Shaping eyebrows (e.l.f. brush)
– Using the eos lipbalm
– Brushing my hair with this lovely Tangle Teezer: no heat or straightener needed!

eyebrows eos lipbalm tangle teezer


Well, that was it! This look can be created in 10-15 minutes and of course you don’t need the same products as I used. Use what you love & what works for you!

natural make-up Thanks for reading and happy make-up-ing guys!

P.S.: Another article showing you the outfit for that evening will be coming up soon. Don’t forget to check it out.





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