Dinner time – the outfit

dinner outfit

Helloo, I’ve promised you guys to post the outfit related to my previous beauty article: https://thefabspot.wordpress.com/2014/08/15/10-steps-how-to-flawless-classy-look/#more-267
Well, here it is!

DSC08131 DSC08133

We went out for dinner with my family in law and went to a nice restaurant that we always like to go to when celebrating something. This time it was the birthday of my grandmother in law. As a present we bought her some lovely macaroons from Delrey. (I maybe think I like them even better than Ladurée!! Or at least some flavors :)…)


I’m wearing this black skinny pants that I actually like to wear for work too (I have to wear black, white or navy blue all the time). It’s one from Mango and has more of a leather-look.
I combined it with some simple, elegant black pointed heels from Primark. Black on black = longer legs😉.

outfit blue

The blue top is from Zara and has a nice cut, it has some red accents and that’s why I combined it with this lovely red heart purse from H&M.

DSC08127 golden
I added some golden jewellery pieces to this look: beautiful curved earrings and a simple golden bracelet.
I also brought my leather jacket with me just in case it was cold at night, it fits nicely with this outfit.

I call this a more casual chic look, which was just perfect for the occasion. We had a lovely dinner.